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+Prior to 1.04 of Drugwar//e, I really didn't use any git or anything 
+because I'm not enough of a programmer to know WTF to really do with 
+them. My way of doing it was just saving to a unique file each time I 
+was satisfied with a release. This isn't really that big of a 
+project...though someone said "700 lines ain't no joke." So under 
+peer-pressure I decided to throw it up on they all 
+assured me git would be useful. 
+I decided to make the initial commits using the most recent release 
+versions. Most of this code is pretty "mature", and largely all that 
+will occur before the expansion is written is just optimizing the BASIC 
+more; combining as many things I can on one like where necessary. Each 
+basic line has a couple of bytes over overhead; so if you can reduce the 
+number of lines by a good number; it adds up.
+Just to get a feel of what git will do with a project this small; I 
+decided to start commiting to it from the very first alpha; all the way 
+to the 1.03 releases. Whether or not I'll add later versions depends on 
+how this goes and what it does. At the very least, it will allow any 
+curious party to take a look at the progression of the game.