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title: VyprVPN Blocked
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date: 2022-09-10 15:49:29
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Effective IMMEDATELY: All of VyprVPN/Giganew's IP's have been blocked. The situation is getting worse and they seem to do nothing about it.
The entire public VPN system has a problem; that is your services are being exploited with accounts being sold in the open. Most of them are probably just to get around streaming; but many of them have the same format as the images on dark-web used to advertise exploited services.
We do not plan on ever lifting this ban. In fact; as I find more public VPN blocks, I will ban those to. Untill the VPN community gets serious about protecting everyone and not just their paying customers; then the only way to degrade the value of the system is to make it not work.

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We've ditched Wordpress and are now running Jekyll. I tried Hugo but I couldn't get it to do what I wanted easily. I still had to make some consessions with this site, but nothing that I can't work around. Everything is now static generated everytime I push a post to the repository.
I will slowly work on getting the original content over to the new site. I will likely be archiving the old site in some fashion as well. I have everything exported to Jekyll, but I have a lot of manual editing and checking to do.
pickmy.org is currently tracking the VyprVPN assisted attacks on sip servers. [This page](https://pickmy.org/pbx/vypr.php) updates the currently blacklisted IP's in their range. I have taken the additional steps of completely blocking their entire IP range from our servers; and will be blocking all public VPN providers as I find them. <br><br>
I offer zero apologies to VyprVPN users. You need to find a more responsible VPN provider; although I'm planning on blocking all of them. Learn to host your own shit.<br>
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