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<p class="message"> Oh, hello. I'm really horrible at writing about myself. I feel like I'm either too brief or go on entirely too long. But for the sake of wanting to
get this site up after 3 days of hacking, I have to put something here. This should (hopefully) change in the future. 73</p>
<p class="message">You can also read the <a href="https://nq4t.com/qrz/">QRZ profile</a> which has some pictures embedded. I might actually just make that this page in the future.</p>
While my journey to ham radio started as a child with a fascination with shortwave radio, AM DXing, and…briefly…CB; it actually hit the ground running in late 2014. It was sometime after discovering the BPL network had died a very deserved death and I was looking to replace the shortwave receiver Id sold 12 years earlier. I decided to go with an RTL-SDR setup with an upconverter; as I was curious about this “new” SDR stuff. Boy, was it fun. I quickly navigated the world of SDR and found myself listening to the 40m band one night. Two OM were having a rag-chew about something they didnt know much about, but I knew quite a bit. “Boy, I wish I could jump in this conversation and share my knowledge.”