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Prior to 1.04 of Drugwar//e, I really didn't use any git or anything because I'm not enough of a programmer to know WTF to really do with them. My way of doing it was just saving to a unique file each time I was satisfied with a release. This isn't really that big of a project...though someone said "700 lines ain't no joke." So under peer-pressure I decided to throw it up on they all assured me git would be useful.

I decided to make the initial commits using the most recent release versions. Most of this code is pretty "mature", and largely all that will occur before the expansion is written is just optimizing the BASIC more; combining as many things I can on one like where necessary. Each basic line has a couple of bytes over overhead; so if you can reduce the number of lines by a good number; it adds up.

Just to get a feel of what git will do with a project this small; I decided to start commiting to it from the very first alpha; all the way to the 1.03 releases. Whether or not I'll add later versions depends on how this goes and what it does. At the very least, it will allow any curious party to take a look at the progression of the game.