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Give Fohdeesha Free Arby's
Thanks again Hogie.
more fat, more preservatives
the best website no one reads
the corner of the internet
dd if=/dev/random of=/www/
rm -r /www/
/www/taglines: File Not Found
spoiler alert: your shitbox doesn't need one.
you are a fluke of the universe
eastbound and down
never imitated, never in demand
sssh. i'm hacking the theme.
boycott shampoo! demand real poo!
spoiler alert: shit happens
self-hosted for my pleasure
..-. ..- -.-. -.- -.-- --- ..-
kanye likes fishsticks
error 0xID10T: reader
kernel panic: bit-bucket full
kernel panic: location 0xD15C0
system error: refill magic smoke
because it sounded sexier than .net
i've had three pfizer shots. when does my dick get 5g?