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@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ header_pages:
footer: '<a href="">site source</a> | powered by xcp-ng | twitter: <a href="">@Music_OnHold</a>'
permalink: /:categories/:year/:title:output_ext
theme: jekyll-theme-console
style: hacker # dark (default) or light
#listen_for_clients_preferred_style: true # true or false (default)

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<? php
function randomtext() {
$lines = file("/var/www/pickmy/taglines.txt") ;
return $lines[array_rand($lines)] ;
$message_array = file("taglines.txt");
$message = array_rand($message_array);
echo "$message_array[$message]";
?>&nbsp |
{%- for path in page_paths -%}
{%- assign my_page = site.pages | where: "path", path | first -%}
{%- if my_page.title == '/git' -%}

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layout: default
permalink: /blog/index.html
permalink: /blog/index.php
list: bullet

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layout: default
permalink: /dev/index.html
permalink: /dev/index.php
list: bullet

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title: 'Asterisk: Call Queues & Agents (Building a call-in show)'
date: '2021-12-18 06:33:28'
layout: page
output_ext: php
Quite some time ago I started playing with AsteriskPBX. I havent yet written a detailed account of how this came to be, so let me sum it up. I originally wanted to convert my house phones in to a hybrid VOIP setup. I only have an analog (FXS) port coming from my fiber terminal, despite the fact its technically a VoIP service. I also didnt want to spend hundreds of dollars on cordless handsets to replace the existing collection of handsets; but I wanted the ability to be called down in the shack over ethernet since cordless DECT doesnt reach there very well.

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Thanks again Hogie.
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dd if=/dev/random of=/www/
rm -r /www/
/www/taglines: File Not Found
spoiler alert: your shitbox doesn't need one.
you are a fluke of the universe
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because it sounded sexier than .net
i've had three pfizer shots. when does my dick get 5g?