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@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ This is the main repository for pickmy.org's website. All the posts and custom c
The site is automatically built when I push stuff to the repository.
I needed to test something, so I added this line.
The VyprVPN page in /pbx is not generated by Jekyll. This is actually run by a different bash script and not part of this repository.
## Modifications To Theme
@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ This uses [jekyll-theme-console by b2a3e8](https://github.com/b2a3e8/jekyll-them
- _layouts: page and post html file have had title added using h1 tag
- _layouts: default.html has *pickmy.org added to img-src CSP since img.pickmy.org hosts images
All other changes are made in the markdown.
All other changes are made in the markdown. I broke CSS and most of my changes aren't working. Must fix sometime.
## Organization Of Site
@ -38,6 +38,10 @@ Despite being a static site generator; pickmy.org has usually had some form of r
taglines.txt and tails.txt is not the same one used on the site. That one is stored externally and symlinked when the site is built.
## Vypr Blacklist
Currently (as of 10-SEP-2022), I am providing a list of IP's from VyprVPN that are attcking SIP servers. This is *NOT* generated by Jekyll directly. It exists as chunks of files that are catted together with iptables output in the middle. This automatically updates every 4 hours via CRON and the githook reincludes this file every time the site is rebuilt.
## compose.sh
Compose.sh is a bash script becuase I'm lazy. It creates a file populated with front matter: