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title layout permalink list$ default /pbx/index.php bullet$ is currently expierimenting with Asterisk PBX for fun and potential profit. Our system current consists of a PBX with PTSN trunking, DIDs, and a couple of private links - Home PBX

  • Compiled from main github MASTER repro
  • VOIP.MS PTSN Trunk
  • 4 DIDs. 3 "Public"/1 Private. Not Published (Yet)
  • Hamshack Hotline & Hams Over IP Trunks (Maybe)
  • Experimental Private DUNDi peering network
  • 5 MusicOnHold Channels (100% streaming)
  • Home of Asterisk Jukebox
  • Once hosted "The Weird Al Emergency Hotline" for 24 hours on Halloween 2021 (178 calls. About $5 cost.) - Remote PBX

  • Has been disabled due to troubleshooting and lack of need.

At some point this section will contain links to Asterisk Jukebox instructions and track lists.

Technical Docs:

All documentation related Asterisk that's not on my [Git]( will go here; and some of this may go more in depth than [Git](
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