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Source Code For

Most of the content used to create is in this repository. The site is rendered in Jekyll every time a post/page/change is pushed to the repository. The complete theme is also stored within this repository. Pages are written in a mix of markdown and/or HTML, depending on what suits me at the time. Some pages are entirely written in Liquid/Jekyll and are just templates for rendering the site. is a static website. It is not rendered at load time. Some elements, such as the iframes on Logs, may be dynamically rendered.

What's Not Here

Images and mirrored page content are not in this repository. They are added to the doucment-root after Jekyll renders the site. Additional media files are also not in this repository. Shell scripts related to site development (post composition, page composition, testing) are also not here.

What's What & Where

  • Repository Root
    • The About Page
    • The About NQ4T Page
    • The Station Page
    • The Mirrors Page
    • The Log Page, mostly iframes
  • /blog/_posts:
    • All the markup for posts.
  • /pages/_posts:
    • All the markup for pages.
  • /_layouts, /public, /_includes
    • Contains the Jekyll theme and CSS