A script because Synology sucks.
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99effsyno - a script for Synology

DSM sucks. I hate it. I absolutely hate what it does to the underlying operating system. I hate how idiotic it is regarding mounts. I hate how things are it's way. I mostly hate it because I didn't ask for pay for these features and they seemingly give you no way of telling them to GTFO.

99effsyno is just a couple of things that make the synology do the absolute minimum I expect to be able to do. It's name comes from the shell script used to achieve this; 99 is just an execution priority, effsyno is fuck synology.... because fuck DSM.

What sucks

I have a USB enclosure that holds a lot of disks. By default...Synology mounts any valid partition to /volumeUSB*n*/usbshare where n is the number assigned. It then automatically creates a samba share configuration that shares it as usbsharen...where n is once again the drive number.

This is all you're given. You cannot rename the share in DSM, you cannot move it.

To complicate this, while I can achieve exactly what I want to do through standard command line hacking, these changes don't persist between reboots. The two biggies are /etc/fstab and samba configurations are generated dynamically. So the idea of just adding the UUID to /etc/fstab and modding /etc/samba/smb.share.conf the usual way are out.

Other Oddities

They seem to have a lof of abstraction between you and the hardware. My internal RAID1 is actually LVM2 on /dev/md2. This sucks because it adds another layer of useless complexity if I want to remount this later. I mean it can be done...I just have to look all that up. It's going to happen...I'm not sticking with this hardware for long.

I also noticed that even manual mounts from command line have a systemd service created for them. No...I want out.

The Hack

While it generates a lot of configs and wipes directories out on boot, I did find one little trick that still worked: /usr/local/etc/rc.d - We can stick shell scripts here, they'll run at boot, and they'll persist between reboots.

There are two files: 99effsyno.sh and smb.sh. The smb.sh file is not actually a script. I only gave it the .sh filename to ensure it didn't get deleted. This is actually our replacement samba configuration. This file should not be +x! The original varient had a simple exit routine and tail command to output just the .conf; this is easier.

99effsyno.sh is the executable script that does the following:

* mounts the external drives by UUID to points I specify
* replaces the samba share configuration
* reboots samba

At Your Own Risk

Don't do this. I'm not taking responsibility and Synology will tell you to GTFO and never give you support again.